What Do You Wear to a St. Patrick's Day Party?

style="float: left;"> party on st. patricks day what to wearSt Patricks Day is around the corner, and everyone is geared up for St. Patty's Day decorations, classic game night and the amazing greeny parades with great Irish music, and of course, St. Patrick's Day clothing! The St Patrick's day activities date back to the 16th century when people would put on green ribbons for the St. Patrick's day celebration. St Patty's day emanated in the honor of an Irish saint, but this traditional festivity of the pot of gold soon morphed into a worldwide day party and day celebration of Irish culture. 

What’s with Green and St. Patrick’s Day?

The purpose of wearing green on St Patty's was based on two reasons, firstly to honor the Irish flag, and secondly due to the Irish nickname, 'Emerald Isle'. That’s how the tradition of green St. Patrick's day celebration began. 

If you are planning for your traditional St. Patrick's day outfit, keep the green color in mind. Here's how you can do it right now with a happiness guarantee.

What to Wear on St Patrick’s Day?

Any cultural holiday has a rich history behind it as well as some dos and don'ts. To help you make the best choices, we have listed some great St Patrick's day party ideas that’ll help you dress to impress!

First of all, check the save the dates of your party favors to get an idea of what the party is going to be like. 

Are there any St Patricks day games or any St Patricks day crafts listed on your  party invitations? If yes, you cannot go for a stunning shimmery dress, as it will resonate with party decorations and theme. Further, such outfits will restrict your movement and access to crazy games.   

Secondly, St Pats is not just about games and party food. This Irish holiday also holds religious significance to many people. Hence, before getting all charged up for the mardi gras, it is important to know the symbolism and traditions attached to it, as it is highly going to govern what you wear.

Make sure to include solid colors, especially green, as it is the most ancestral and suitable option for the day. However, don't overdo with it. Keep calm and blend green with the classic combinations to stand out in the crowd! 

What Do You Wear to a St. Patrick’s Day Parade?

From green hats and four-leaf clovers to exclusive party planning and a dinner party, St Patricks is a fun holiday. If you are to attend a party but don’t want to wear the old good mickey mouse outfit or Leprechaun costume, here are some ideas for St Patricks outfits - 

  • Monogrammed Tees

  • Monogrammed tees are in style because of their livable look. These are also apt for celebrating the true spirit of St. Patricks Day. You can match them up with jeans, tights, or even a skirt to complete the look. 

  • Super Feminine, Floral Outfit with Flower Crown

  • If you are fond of feminine looks, you can go for a cute floral dress with a beautiful flower crown and heels to complete the look. This outfit will do great for both dinner parties and a casual gathering with friends.

  • Polka Dot Sweater and Floaty Pink Skirt

  • Polka dots are timeless, and these can make you look fashionable in a Jiff. The best part about the polka dot is that it gives a quite clean and sophisticated look. You can pair it up with a bright pink skirt to finish the look. You can also wear colorful heels, especially blue, to make you look complete.

  • Classic Green Maxi Dress and Clutch

  • Is your Patty's Day going to be a close-knit affair with friends? You can turn your feminine side around and wear a classic maxi dress with a clutch to become the center of attention.

  • Sleeveless Top and Green Wide-Legged Pants

  • Are you looking for a trendy yet chic outfit? This look is perfect for all occasions. Whether you want to go for a meeting or a family get together, this look covers your outfit anxiety without a fault. Moreover, green and white is a combination that can never go wrong. Additionally, you can also pair it up with white platform heels. 

  • Blues, Greens, and Gold: Lovely St. Patrick’s Day Outfit

  • If you wish to pay absolute homage to the "Emerald Isle", this combination will go impeccable with your party day spirits. You can pair a plaid blue top with green shades, and also add a shiny gold pair of heels to bring that nice gold tone to your look. 

  • Elegant Outfit for St Patrick's Day Party Fun

  • One of the other great Irish day celebrations is a bold green sweater. It will go perfect for a chilly winter day. You can pair it up with navy blue capris as well as nude colored heels and accessorize with a glitzy purse or a statement necklace. 

    Do note that the festive St. Patrick's occurs to be in March, the weather is likely going to be chilly. So, you can choose your clothes accordingly. Thick parka, puffer jacket, or vest will keep you warm for a long time. You can also try out a green colored coat or a neutral shade with green accessories including green hat, shoes or scarf. If you are going to be on parade for a long time, make sure to wear comfy shoes to avoid aching feet.

    What Not to Wear on St Pattys Day?

    Saint Patricks day is all about playing games, eating delicious food, and enjoying the heart out. Honestly, there’s nothing that you ‘can’t wear’ for this Irish holiday. 

    However, there are a couple of things that you can avoid to look or make someone feel awkward. For instance, one of the most embarrassing things people do (and should not do) on the day is crossing limits with accessories or slogans. Shy away from outfits that brand logos like 'Kiss Me, I'm Irish' unless you really want to be kissed. Rather, focus on some cute and funky pieces that take your outfit to another level. The best accessory is the one you feel confident about. Also, if you are not fond of green, you can include a small green accessory to complete your look.

    Here's a little Irish inspiration, like the "Irish I was a Little Taller:"


    Moreover, if you are thinking of going for a Leprechaun costume, be smart enough to carry it for the day, or else it will turn out to be a girl birthday or boy birthday outfit, which could be fun, but not the intention of dressing up!

    With all this cool info in hand, get ready to celebrate St Paddy’s day!

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