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Tshirts are trendy and classy. These depict what and how you feel. Right from basic tshirts to slogan tshirts, every tshirt is unique in its own way. When it comes to classy and cool, slogan tshirts take the wave by looking extra lit in the crowd. 

Are you one of those camping lovers? Great, wear a tshirt that says so. Do you want people to mind their own business? Perfect-  wear something that urges them to. Do you wish to be sarcastic? Well, we believe there's no harm in wearing a tshirt that reflects your sass and high-vibe attitude

Out of all these scenarios, there is one set of people that are selectively social. Selectively social beings are picky. These folks are quite meticulous as to whom they should talk or sit with. These people can not tolerate fake fellows and find it hard to tell people to stay away. Aside from that, some folks cannot tolerate mean and stupid people. They expect others to think rationally and talk with them with all due courtesy. 

Do you hate stupid people? Do you find stupid people annoying? Are you one of those I-need-my-vibe people? Why tell people to stay away from you when you can simply say it in a funny way through your tshirt? Are you wondering? How? Where can I find such tshirts? One Messy Bun has got you sorted. Have a look at our funny tshirts and see what you would like to shop!

  • You Look Mean. I am, Move.

  • Women tshirts with funny sayings are lit especially when it is targeted to the mean audience out there. Can you not even stand such people? Do such people make you say please move? Well, let's wear a uber-sassy tshirt and show them in a funny way. The best thing about funny shirts is that they do your thing without even being noticed. So, why not?


  • Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial

  • Antisocial people cannot tolerate drama. They hate people with drama and people hate them for being away from their tantrums. Life of antisocial people is calm by minding their own business. And you can easily convey your message to others by wearing this super-cool tee.

  • I Effing Hate People

  • Are you not a people person? Can you not just stand dull people? Well, this one is my personal favorite. It is available in both black and grey colors to suit your denim. Why not convey your "hate stupid people" message in a smart way by wearing this cool tee? Let go of explaining yourself that you aren't a social person and say yes to funky tees instead.

  • I'm Not a Rapper, I Just Cuss a Lot

  • Mean people have one thing in common; they have justifications for their selfishness. Their every action or word is justified because they are never wrong. How do we deal with such people? You cannot ask them to stay away. Also, you can not ask them to stay. If you think people suck, let them know that you can go hard when needed by wearing this tee. Turn your cussing marathon strong and settle your limits with them.

  • Resting Witch Face

  • Ooh la la!! Are you waiting for a thunder women tshirt? Well, this is it. Here you are with the resting witch face. Keep your dumb people off the corner by showing them your witchy side. Stay in your limits people because the woman here has got a resting witch face. And do you know the best part about this tee? You can even gift tee shirts to your girl gang and show off your coolness to the world.

  • Never Trust a Big Butt and a Smile

  • Can you not just stop grinning after seeing this one? A lot of bitchy people out there have many things in common. People suck and you know it. Why not wear a tee shirt and let them know that you know it too? There are lots of "know", no? Say no to mundane and yes to trendy and funky with this amazing slogan.

  • All Eyez on Me

  • Well, if you dress well and behave well, all eyes are going to be on you. But attitude matters. Your attitude can even turn heads towards you that do not pay heed to your behavior. Wearing this cool tshirt will give you confidence. Let people know your confidence and the attitude you got with this women tshirt.

  • Kinda Classy, Kinda Hood

  • Well, that's how women should be. Classy yet hood. Classy because you have got charm and elegance. And hood because stay away from guys! Classy doesn't mean pushover. Buy this sloganed tshirt on One Messy Bun and let the world know you are a dope soul. 

  • I'm His Witch

  • Are you tired of telling people that you are committed? Are you fed up of keeping those creepy guys away from your vibe? Can you not just tolerate standing beside creepy folks? Well, have this tshirt with you and let all folks know that you are a witch to someone. 

  • I'm Her Boo

  • To all the men out there, take your men's tshirt game on the next level by letting people know how much you love your girl. When your girl is telling the world that she is your witch, let the world know that you are her boo. Wear this lover shirt together and snap the moment. Post on social media and bring your couple romance on fire. 

    Gone are the days of lukewarm when you can have both warm and cold with you. Slogan tshirts are in vogue. These sync well with your moods and attitude. Whether you are feeling high or low, a funky tshirt a day can make your day just better than before. Your great shopping is just one step away at One Messy Bun. Shop with us and keep stupid cunts at bay. 

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