Have It All: A Healthy Lifestyle and Money in the Bank With These Tips


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We always hear about the importance of exercising and being healthy so that we can stay thin, happy, and live a longer life. However, we rarely talk about the money you can save just by caring about your own wellbeing. It’s true. You never know how much money you could be saving until you see it there in your bank account, and it can be an incredible feeling. Here at One Messy Bun, we love to show our customers how they can show their true selves through fashion and great apparel and we want to help you to improve your life with these money-saving health tips.


Grow a Garden


One of the best ways to be healthier and save a ton of cash is by growing your own garden. When you plant your own fruits and vegetables, you get the best, most organic food you can eat and that will help to avoid resorting to fast food and other unhealthy options. If you can cut your grocery bill down by not buying these items at the store then you will see a noticeable difference over time. Plus the act of gardening in itself is good for your physical health due to the cardio and heavy lifting that can be involved.


Change How You Travel


As you have likely noticed, gas prices have risen steadily over the last few years and if you drive a lot then that cost is likely putting a major dent on your wallet. While you may not have any other option but drive to work, you can switch up how you get to the grocery store, the post office and complete your other errands by opting to walk or ride your bike instead. Both of these options are great for helping you get the cardio that your body needs to thrive, and in addition to the gas savings, you will cause less wear and tear on your vehicle which will also save you money in the long run.


The Act of Being Healthy


Being healthy can save you even more money than you may realize. In addition to saving on gas and food costs, by getting your 20 minutes of exercise on weekdays, you will be in better shape overall and you will save money in other ways. For instance, if you score well on health tests, you could have lower health insurance premiums than people who are less careful about their wellbeing. On top of that, if you have fewer physical ailments, then you can also save money that you typically pay for medication.


Monetize Your Healthy Lifestyle


In addition to spending less money, you can also earn more cash by monetizing your healthy lifestyle. Think about all of the blogs that you see online from healthy people talking about their secrets to success. You can do that too. You can start your own website where you show instructional videos or you can step out of the digital realm and start a yoga studio or sell exercise equipment in person or online so others can also live a healthy lifestyle.


If you do start your own business then you will want to market it to the masses so you can bring in new customers. You can do that by handing out physical postcards at health clubs and sports arenas or you can market your business on social media. If you do, then you’ll want to take high-quality photos of yourself and your products. In order to make them the perfect size, use an online image resizer, like the one from Adobe which allows you to crop your photos and upload them with only a few clicks.


As you can see, there are many benefits to living an active lifestyle both for yourself and for your wallet. Consider making a change today. If you have questions about the great products offered by One Messy Bun, then contact us at the form here.


Gwen Payne is a valued contributor to our OMB Blog. Please visit her website InvisibleMoms.com where you can find more great content.

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