Five Interesting 80's Baby Facts about Music & Fashion


you know you were an 80s baby when...Of all the decades, those born in the 80s are considered the most epic and fortunate for obvious reasons. 

80s babies were born in the era when the world was learning all things new and was up for experimentation, unlike 90s kids who have been gifted everything by 80s kids. 

Right from cool 80's clothing styles to buzzing pop songs like kids on the block (80s baby single), everything about the 80s was surreal. We can simply say that it was the era of new-age fashion and music. It was the time that gave some of the classic fashion trends and hit music numbers. Let's have a look and reminisce about the good time!

The Iconic 80s Fashion

No matter what fashion sense and profile menu you have today, 80s kids had it different. 

When we think of 80s fashion, we think about fluorescent colors, over makeup and many whimsical behind-the-scenes look. And the only way to get to know the fashion for most of the people was entertainment weekly. However, way back in those times, these ludicrous fashion styles were considered cool, bright, and classy. Right from Martha Stewart to Tiffany Debbie Gibson, all people dared to experiment and look edgy (like the mean girl of today).

The 80s were all about spandex, leg warmers, bright neon colors, and weird fashion that made our life pretty cool. 80s was indeed naughty by nature and it is fondly remembered for the very wacky sense. Let's know a little more about this hangin tough fashion sense of the 80s, 

  • The Ultimate Classic- Jordache Jeans

  • Jeans were only known by a few renowned names including Levis, Lee, and Wrangler until Jordache came in the game. This novel designer brand suddenly became everyone's favorite and fashion police began to patrol the brand. 

    If there's one thing you need to thank Jordache for, it has to be Calvin Klein. Just after the introduction of Jordache, came Calvin Klein with its rustic ads that transformed people. 

  • Combating the Myth- Male Ponytails

  • Because, why should girls have all the fun? As we said, the 80s was the era of experiments and people were ready to try anything new that looked funky and stylish to them. So, why should hair trends stay behind?

    The ones who introduced male ponytails were Steven Segal and Eric Roberts. Soon the trend went like wildfire and you could easily spot an 80s kid flaunting a ponytail and rocking it! It is still camouflaged by what you call today the man buns

  • The 80s Trademark- Perms

  • If there's one thing 80s will always be remembered for, it has to be "big hair". This one wavy, big hairstyle called the perm was the trademark of that decade. The celebrities of that time can be seen flaunting their perms in many ways.  

    It was the symbol of that era. The hair was set by chemical treatment, teased out with a round brush, given waves and set with hair spray to keep them in shape.

  • The Fashion Statement- Reebok

  • Today, Reebok is just another brand for people. However, the case was much different back in the 80s when Reebok was considered a fashion statement. It was a huge success and the brand was flying in different colors. 

    Both men and women could be seen coveting the brand and flaunting them with sheer confidence. 

  • Ripped Jeans

  • If you think that ripped jeans are the trend of today, you are at fault. The rock music and heavy metal also saw its effect on the fashion sense that gave rise to the ripped jeans. And it still goes on.

    The Ever-rocking 80s Music 

    If we talk about music, the 80s was a gifted era. From tour mates to mixtape tour, this decade gave us some of the greatest musicians and music which we still cherish. The 80s acquainted us with various music genres especially pop music. Different styles of music were not only fresh but these were also pleasant to the ears.

  • Independent Music at Its Best

  • This was the era that saw various changes in popular music. The introduction of music videos, CDs caused musicians to connect with millions of people. This was the way musicians have been looking for years which 1980 fruitfully submitted to them.

    Suddenly the independent artists and musicians saw their fame in no time and their music crossed the barriers to travel across boundaries.

  • The Unique Bands

  • 1980 was not just about classy melodies, it was also about eclectic bands and their out of the box names! The music artists were no longer restricted to naming their band on music but they crossed their own limitations to find different names. Right from psychology to culture, you can find distinct names that reflect their kinship. 

    For instance, the Police, R.E.M, Beatles were unique and also connected with the audience.

  • Music Videos- The Revolution

  • MTV came in 1981 and there was no looking back. 

    MTV provided round the clock streaming of music videos hosted by VJs which allowed musicians to reach mass easily. After MTV, VH1 arrived in 1985 which also gained eclat in no time. The streaming of videos changed the music industry forever. Music marketing came into being and musicians began to focus on reaching the audience quickly. It can certainly be called the golden age of music videos. 

  • The Age of Metal- Hair Metal and Heavy Metal

  • The 1980s was the age of metal music. Two kinds of metals that are hair metal and heavy metal were popular in those days. The hair metal bands were somewhat dedicated to pop music and look with spandex outfits and large hair. While the heavy metal bands were solely hardcore rockers that cared only about their metal bass to create thunders. 

    The world came to know the impact of metal music due to these bands. Different lyrics and bass music were experimented by these bands to create something unique. This was well-accepted by the public.

  • The Trademark of 80s Music- Hip Hop

  • Hip hop and rap music weren't considered a music genre until 1980. The old school rappers saw their rise in the 80s. The music videos allowed them to touch the sky and reach millions of people with their music. 

    And you know the best part? Hip hop is still in.

    We hope this read about the glorious 80s was an interesting one and made you recall beautiful Debbie Gibson and new kids on the block release. If you are a person that was born in this era, just know you are a lucky one! Stay tuned with our space for more such posts.  

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